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Important things to keep in mind for changing your old car tyres


Old Car Tyres

Tyres must be replaced if it is more than ten years of age. Along with the age factor, there are other factors that should be considered for changing tyres in Newark, such as tyre depth falling below 1.6 mm. The tread depth can be caused due to driving style.

How to check the age of tyres?

You must be thinking after reading the first line that it is high time that you should check the manufacturing date. For this, you need to look for the last four digits in DOT that is present on the side wall of the car tyres.

However, tyre life can often be affected before the time of ten years. Certain factors can reduce the age of the tyre.

What are the other factors that affect tyre life?

Well, this answer is depended upon various factors like the way you drive the car, tread design of your car tyres, the climate of your region, conditions of the road you are driving on, and how frequently you are using your vehicle.

Another important factor is how often you maintain your car. Yes, you heard it right! Maintenance of car tyres is as essential as consuming healthy foods to live. If you maintain them, they will last longer. Tyre maintenance involves different services like tyre pressure check, fixing worn out tyres, maintaining proper wheel alignment, etc., which you can get from a renowned garage like Farnsfield Auto Centre, they provide excellent car tyre services in Newark.

How to identify age-related defects?

To know if your car tyre is ageing or not you need to check whether there are small cracks present in the sidewall of your car tyres. If you find little cracks, it is an indicator that now you need to buy new tyres and make sure you buy them from internationally renowned brands to get the best quality tyres in Newark.

Some points that should be noted for older tyres…

You need to go through the following points when you inspect the sidewall markings:

  • Tyres that are manufactured before 2000 have three numbers instead of four, which will help to indicate the production date of the tyre.

  • Some big brands like Continental have added a triangle at the end of the character string. It is because people can distinguish between tyres produced in the 1990s from the ones invented in earlier decades.

Hence, age matters! From the above discussions, you can understand that age is an essential factor for tyres. Even if your tyres are running perfectly after ten years, it is advisable that you should replace them.

However, some vehicle manufacturers may suggest you other chronological age for replacing tyres in Newark. This recommendation should be given importance as it comes from their knowledge of the application of particular vehicles. Therefore, you must follow up with routine maintenance of tyres or change them if the condition of your car tyres is worst, this will help to maintain your safety on roads.